Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Life is a terminal Disease



what a Statement !!!!!

came across this line when i was reading a book...i crossed the line... startled... came back read again.... and exclaimed again...just like...when a girll passess by... you see... pass... startle and turn around and say "Beautiful"... same thing

have started writing once again... i thought i must have lost the track but it happened again... started and then went along with the flow... i normally dont stop myself when i write... dosent matter what comes out of Barriers no expectations....yeah chapega... ya nahi chapega... koi isse padhega... ya it will be lying in one corner of this net world...Good - Bad... Right - Wrong... any thing... any damm thing... this is how i am and i am least concerned what u people might think after reading this... few years down the line even other people wont be concerned... what will remain is this... kaagaz ke purzhe... oh sorry... webpage ke purzhe...

Waise... Jo Dil main hai woh Likhne main bhi alag mazaa hai... For Year we dont even think what goes in our mind... forget about talking to ourself or anybody else... we always hold ourself back by some or the other thing.. Dil Ki hothon pe aayee huyee baaton ko bhi nigalna padta hai....But nothing like that now...this prolly would be my first free ( and dumb.. not sensible) writing...and this is just because that sentence... Life is a terminal disease...
tell me.. personn who must have thought about it... kaunse condition main socha rahega... how old is that he a old about to die guy or a young turk like me...aur nahi to kya... Zindagi ko maut main khatam honewali beemari kehta hai... yeah samjha raha hai ya dara raha hai????

One thing is for sure ... He must have seen his death

One who is born is sure to die. Phir kaise bhi Jiyeo.. Life is Just like an octopus.. One head of being happy and u will hundred Hands showing you the Unhappiness.. Did you ever try to calculate number of days when you were Happy???... for me i Keep it like this...If you dont have a new reason to be Unhappy thts the time when you are happy...But do the mathematics and you will find more instances of "DUKH". Either your Body Part is not happy or your heart is aching... Physical or mental...At a particular age its normally your heart which troubles you... Kitne saare problems... Unsatisfaction... irritation... Jealousy.. always greedy to get something.. or else Kuch Khone ka Gham... This heart trouble.. Dil ka Dukhna is tropublesome... Very very Bad...You can Heal your Body .. But HEart you have to live with it.. Thinking that something better will happen tomorrow...

A Better world... a Better PLace... A better Life.. a better body...

A Better Heart

Nopes... Kuch alag hota hai aise bhi nahi...haa bas at that particular time aapke dilne naya dukhna pakda hota hai... nothing changes...and they say change is the only permanent thing..Theek se yaad karu to dar nahi aisa ek bhi din yaad nahi..Jism ke dard to seh lete hai...aage bhi sehta rahung...Bas is dil ka kuch kar do yaar...

Life is a pain.. there no hyperbole in it... the pain ends when you die..

how tru is the statement....


Saturday, August 11, 2007

and she says...!!!

AAh what a day.. this has been quite an eventful day... people happy with me in office... friends have been supercool with me... and they didnt even ask anything from for being that cool... strange.!!!

so i speak with somebody today and realise( i am not yet sure whether its gonna be the final truth or not).. and she cares for me...!!!
ok now that dosent really should make me happy... but i am fine atleast with the thought of it..

so we talk after say a month or so... and you complain that we have lost touch...oh yes ofcourse we have lost the touch.. and that too deliberatly...hai na??? and you realise it after a month... not that i was savouring the thought of it all this month but yes i was more aware of the situation than you. yes, i was the only reason was bcoz i care for u yet... yes i still care for u...

so we talk after a month and you tell me that you are going to leave... god damm... tell me something new... i have already known this things.. havent we spoken hours before this on the same topic??? and i have prepared myself to face it... time and again... yes i am prepared to face this reality... i m not going to cry, i am not going to whine, i m not going smoke a lot on this... But i have decided i am going to be happy because you are moving to achieve your dreams... yes only your dreams.!!!

so we speak after a month and u make me realise that you have been ignoring me(again... tell me something new i knew this since the time you started doing it!). you also explain me the reasons why you have been doing because you didnt wanted me to be more involved in you... Thank you so much for concern...this shows you are jus ignoring me you havent stopped caring( or probably you must have... this might be jus another oasis). You say that you do get hurt when i feel bad.. trust me i am hurt more when my friends are hurt because of me... DID i mention friends?...Yes you are my friend and you will always remain matter what name i try to give to our relation.. one thing remains and thts the eternal truth...WE ARE FRIENDS!!!

so we speak after a month and you wonder how exactly we are going to be in touch... you wonder because we were incapable of being in touch with each other being near
(oh yes taking in concern where you are going ... where do you stay today is very close)... well you need not worry... u never worried for that matter... and even if u did it never showed... and i am not going to complain because i have got used to it..Rather you have made me used to it...

so you dont really get worried about we losing touch with each other... because i am going to preserve the moments we have been together... i m gonna keep them in one corner of my heart... the moments we shared ... the moment i saw you for the first time in the white salwar witha bit of powder and high sandals (which then u said u normally never wore)...the moment we hugged... moments we spent gazing into each others eyes...forgetting the world around... moments we spent under one umbrella... moements we spent roaming in the rain with the who cares attitude... moment when we held hands for the first time...moment when i said "i am crazy for u" and u smiled... moment when you gave me the friendship gift asking me to be your best frends... and i smiled at your innocence...moment when i almost had a fight with the rickshaw wala on the first meeting... moment when i came to Pune bcause you had met with the accident... all thinking how shall i react when i see you... the moment when your face turned red when i said " kasli fuutlee aahe bagh hi"... the moment when you said i hope you wont feel ashamed to go out with me for the dinner bcoz of this bruised face...the moment when you helped me with 300 Bucks so that i can go home...the moment when i called you up and told you that we wont be able to continue the relation.. the moment when i called u up from college just to say that i love you...the moment when we watched the movie half the time i being happy that i can lean on your shoulder and hold your hand... the moment in cyber cafe at talaopali... the moment when we were sitting on talaopali and umesh was watching us,, bechaara had kept him like that waiting till eternity... the moement when i will say lets go and you used to will go after 15 mins and then sitting their for the next hour...the moment when we met early in the morning at 6:30 at Thane station and i said a teary eyed good bye to you because you were going to meet him...the moment when you told me you are into a relationship already and the way i reacted to it... the moment about how badly( according to you) i behaved when i was in a Multiplex with you and with the watchman ofcourse...and many more....

so you see i have so many moments to make you remember me when you come back.. so dont worry about we losing touch with each other... with this many reasons i dont think we will lose touch.. hai na???

and you say....

not to miss Just updating this song as was listening to this while writing this...super sexy song...

Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan
Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan
Bin Bole Kardeti Hai Halat Yeh Pal Mein Bayan
Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan
Bin Bole Kardeti Hai Halat Yeh Pal Mein Bayan
Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan

Khamoshi Bhi To Pyaar Hai
Rakhti Bahut Yeh Asar Hai
Kab Ishq Hojaye Yaha Dil Ko Kahan Yeh Khabar Hai
Do Din Bhi Yeh Silsile Chup Sake Hai Kahan
Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan
Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan

Hume Neend Aye Na Jab Aankhon Mein
Badhne Lage Bekarari
Shabnam Ko Bhi Chune Se Jab
Mehsoos Ho Chingari
To Aisa Lagta Hai
Ek Hai Zameen Aasmaan

Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan
Aankhen Bhi Hoti Hai Dil Ki Zubaan
Bin Bole Kardeti Hai Halat Yeh Pal Mein Bayan
Bin Bole Kardeti Hai Halat Yeh Pal Mein Bayan

Sunday, August 5, 2007

R u Sure... You are in Love!!!

Hmmm... this ones quite a quick return... i thought as stated in the first one i would be back in say another months time... but then did get time and i thought would just update this...

waise i do have things as well to write about...

will tell ya a story....

lemme know ur comments

their was a guy and their was a girl... Both met... became very very good friends...very good friends indeed... Guy was going around with a girl whom he loved immensely...girl was going around with a guy whom she loved... pehla pehla pyar dono ka tha... the girl had a break off with her guy due to some very personal problems...and this guy was very much with her all the time.. consoling her... crying with her.. laughing with her... caring for her... and still very much in love with his love... Unfortunately the guy goes the same we this girl went in is relationship...however the guy does this bcoz of his reasons... some reasons he thought probably would effect his love of life... somebody whom he can never see getting hurt... someone for which he thinks is better to hurt himself and she getting a scratch...

his relation with the other girl is still the same... he still cares the same... still loves her the way he used to... now this girl feels that she probably loves this guy...this guy who has been with her in all her troubles...who has probably lived a second life of her...this guy who probably understand her much more than any other person in world... and this guy whom she thinks has the arms where she finds solace...

one fine day she opens her heart in front of him...this guy is shocked...he has never expected this to happen...this is what this guy said to her...

"..... why do we always have to come to this end. why do u think their was a need to name this. were you not comfortable with this nameless relation that we had? were you not happy that i loved you... loved you till a limit wherein you jus cant fit this in in this four words called "love". do u really think that i am going to love you more after i say yes to your propose. then you probably devalued my love. that means you probably never understood what you meant to me. that means you always loved me for a reason. that means you always hoped and wanted me to be in your life only, Yours only. and why you are doing this just because you think that i probably might fall for a different person alltogether. you probably never understood that you are always going to be a different person alltogether... probably the most important one... because this is the only relationship that i have in this world which doesnt have a name.. which dosent have a limitation...i can love you endlessly... i cant think of having a different person at your place. what you have done is limited my love to this specific word and relation called "love". have you ever thought how much you would be expecting from me hereafter. have you ever thought how much you would be hurting yourself and u will never have an idea how much that will be hurting me.
if you still have the same idea of having a relationship with me then fine... go ahead i cant stop you loving me for a reason... then fine...but then jus let me tell the question of what i feel and what i want dosent arise... its all going to be what you feel and what you want"

to this the girl replied
"i want you atleast for a day"

to this the guy replied
"fine then... you anywhich ways will have me throughout your life... but if ur asking for a day... whenever i feel like... i will certainly come to you... thts a promise"

"seriously... you will???"

"yes ...i will"

with all those expectations in her eyes she says "and... and then..."

"then what...RAPE ME IF YOU LIKE"

this guy goes to her one fine day... gives her a day of his life and dies the other morning in her arms...

later when she reads his diary.. she gets a note
"i always wanted to die in the arms which were strong enough to hold my dead body. i knew my mom wont be able to do it.. dad wont be able to do it... do u know i am never afraid of a thought that you probably would be loving somebody else tommorrow. ask why? jus because i want you to love everybody in this world...they should know you are a wonderful person... i am not selfish sweets.. its just that i love you for no reason... no expectations... no limitations"
so guys lemme know was the guy wrong????
did the girl loved him??
or was the guy too good

and i thought...!!!

anywayz... vands... was just remembering the things that i told you from office.. thought should update would a be a good "laughable" post..

so working as a quality analyst is a tough Job... trust get to hear what literal shit people talk... no wonder india has a bad impression in the world and this people help to make that

image get updated in Bold letters...sometimes it allows you to think, analyse and think again as to why... yeaps why in bold... why this people work in this industry if they cant really work on their language... anywayz...

so i was listening to this call and this guy was speaking to a old man and the man was obviously angry. so he was munching all those good old english words ( what originality man... trust me...its been ages i havent heard such bad with this impact... woh kya kehate hai.. dil se gaali de raha tha)... and the guy was obviously frustrated at the end when he sais "Sir, why are you getting angry on "small - small" things???. listening to this i was awestruck with my tongue trying to touch the upper jaw.. small small things??? what exactly do we mean by that... this is what i asked teh guy and he enlightened me with this statement "Sir, Aap kyun "chotti-chotti" baaton pe gussa hote ho"... and i said thank you dude... that was amazing.

another fun story i have to share with you people...

so i have this guy asking a man again whether his wife was available at that time because she was the account holder and he wanted to validate the account... i magine somebody asking whether your wife is avaialble or not and imagine how you will freak out on this... same happened with guy and my guy was on for a ride.. a journey he would never ever forget..

so much to write about my job... you people will probably get bored of this with time... but still trust me this is a tough job... at th end of the day what you get to hear is how bad we indians are... how we are screwing up the their language and how we should really not be in this industry as we are lowering their standards... gosh... and still at the end of the day what we are suppose to say is


Balls to Them...!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007


so.. finally... after much thinking (wow... thats a realisation).... i decide to write my first Blog ( and what does that exacty mean?)...

i had been wondering all this days what exactly people do when they say they have been blogging? what i see and understand is.. there eyes glued to the computer screens and fingers busy doing the noise on the keyboard and people saying its a great pass time...yeah rite mah friends.. we people ( isnt that good i have already started considering myself a blogger.. blogging zindabad) do the typing and you people read and enjoy and clap and sigh and give all those emotion smileys! But then i have realised that this is just not a passtime but actually throwing everything out thats their in your mind... at the end of the day ...prolly at the end of the month ( now.. i bet thts going to be the case with me)

anywayz... i have started blogging and thats a reason enough to get a acheivement kinda feeling. i mean yeah... i would be writing as well... long posts and all.. and i will also be having people reading it... how supercool that can be... and that too for free (no hard feelings people... i know probably your time is money.. But still ...) and what a muhurat to do the blogging... Its Raining...

anywayz... i would be writing hereafter.. god knows what.. but then i know i make sense most of the time... and sometimes dont... but then trust me its fun to be Insane as well